Sports Exercise & Rehabilitation SIG

Function of the SIG

The ONZ aims to facilitate networking and communication among osteopathic practitioners, promote knowledge exchange and best practices, support inclusivity and equitable health outcomes, provide educational events and foster strategic relationships with other stakeholders in sport, exercise, and rehabilitation.

Why we need this SIG
The Expert Reference Group for Osteopathy (ERG) recommends that ACC create rehabilitation outcome measures and is currently utilizing the review to improve rehabilitation outcomes

Exercise and Sport 
Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease cost the New Zealand health system approximately $2.1B and $3.3B annually, respectively. Cancer is the leading cause of health loss in New Zealand, with about 25,000 new diagnoses each year. Chronic inflammation contributes to chronic diseases, depression, and poor mental health. VO2 max and skeletal muscle index are predictors of all-cause mortality. Increasing detoxification pathways, testosterone production, hormonal balance, and mitochondrial genesis can also reduce all-cause mortality.

Rehabilitation aims to restore full function and reduce the risk of re-injury. Osteopathic rehabilitation can assist with activities of daily living, exercise, and sports.

Educational Pathways
Proposed education initiatives include the development of guidelines and educational pathways by special interest groups, starting conversations with tertiary level courses offered by education providers such as ARA, utilising existing sport and exercise rehabilitation courses from universities and polytechnics, and creating new face-to-face courses that align with New Zealand's needs. Additionally, New Zealand courses can be uploaded onto Australia's website for members-only access, and online education will be available for Australian members only.

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