Frequently Asked Questions

A ‘finder’ address is required to be set up. Go to your profile or organization and do the following:

Edit > addresses
Click on Add an address
In the first field select: Finder address
Then enter address details 

The Government website has a contract builder that is a free resource and very good:   

 Our advice would be to change your practicing certificate to 'non-practicing' rather than de-registering. This would mean you are still be able to retain your ONZ membership under the non practicing category

No. the group package is designed only for registered practicing osteopaths, to cover them for their professional services. However for non-practicing members, the insurer (AffiliatedNZ) has advised they are happy to review this on an individual basis. Contact: James Shearing, 027 246 0046 or 

There’s no reason why a non-practising osteopath shouldn’t attend courses. Any courses that we advertise are available to all osteopaths regardless of membership but sometimes we are able to negotiate a discount for ONZ members.