What Osteopaths Treat

Osteopathy is most commonly associated with musculoskeletal medicine - biomechanical back and neck pain, sport or work injuries, or other joint or muscle disorders. However, as osteopathy is a holistic form of healthcare which helps individuals improve or restore health and well being, there are many other reasons someone may visit an osteopath.
Some may come for rehabilitation, or injury management, assistance with general health problems or medical conditions, or wellness more generally.

Osteopaths treat people of any age, from children through to the elderly. Osteopathic treatment can be helpful for people in any situation - student, office worker, manual labourer, pregnant woman, stay at home parent, retiree and anything in between. 

Some of the conditions osteopaths assist their clients with include:

  • Back pain, pelvic pain, or sciatica

  • Neck pain, headaches or migraines

  • Hip, knee or ankle pain

  • Shoulder, elbow or wrist pain

  • Sports injuries

  • OOS or RSI

  • Pregnancy and post-pregnancy related pain

  • Sleeping, feeding or digestive problems in babies

  • Asthma or other breathing related disorders

  • Recurrent ear infections in children

  • Digestive or gynaecological complaints