Andy Gibson v2

Andy graduated from the LCO (formerly BSO) in 1996 and found himself in NZ 2 weeks later for what he thought was a 2 year visit, he is currently a serial overstayer.

Andy became especially interested in the management and treatment of concussions following a serious sporting accident involving a family member and observing the life-changing consequences. He successfully completed the Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) post-graduate training in 2020 and now operates a CCMI-affiliated clinic, a global network of concussion clinics. Andy has founded HeadWise Concussion Care and is currently creating a purpose-built concussion studio.

Head injuries are commonly some of the most complex and challenging cases seen in clinics and as such , they require a broad clinical approach including a coherent treatment plan often involving inter-professional collaboration with other health professionals.  The importance of what and how we communicate is often paramount to achieving a successful clinical outcome. 

The opportunity to step aside from the standard osteopathic clinical setup and its inevitable reactive treatment approach and exploring proactive care opportunities will be discussed.