Scars & Adhesions 101 'Live' Online Course

9:00 AM
5:00 PM

via Zoom

Learn how scars and adhesions form and how they influence the body causing restrictions, pain and dysfunction locally, as well as pull into the body further afield. During this live online course you will learn how to assess and treat scars and how to identify and treat adhesions. Scars and adhesions limit tissue mobility causing restrictions, compression, compensation and pulling patterns...often playing a role in clients' conditions in ways we haven't thought about.

There will be demonstrations on scars on the upper body, abdomen and lower body. There will be demonstrations on how to assess a client globally and locally to find adhesions and understand their influence. The chat box will be open all day for ongoing questions and interaction.


If you have wanted to have a clearer understanding about scars and adhesions and their influence on our anatomy and physiology this course is for you. Treating scars and adhesions can be a game changer for many of our clients and often in unexpected ways.


Testimonial: "Loved the theory and practical application of the theory. It was clear and very well structured. The visual angles worked well to see the change happening from the techniques applied to the different scars. It was a valuable and insightful course!"


The course includes:

·        Manual of the material covered

·        Step by step instructions of the techniques

·        Demonstrations on 4 different client scenarios 

·        Q & A throughout the day

Fee: $200 early bird special until 16th of July; $250 thereafter

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Instructor: Beth Beauchamp MFR Educator & Instructor,