Albany Auckland at Kawai Purapura

This 2 day course will help you treat the face with confidence.

We will be covering the anatomy of the face and how it relates to the rest of the cranium, how to palpate and safely treat the face including sinuses, orbits and mandible. 


The Prerequisite is one fundamentals program. There is a small online pre-course component which will be some revision of previous material from the fundamentals course.

The course has a large practical component and the tutor/student ratio is 1:4 students which will mean you will have many opportunities for discussion and feedback from your tutor to further develop your palpation and treatment skills.  


The course is held in Albany Auckland at Kawai Purapura.   

Accommodation is available onsite on in hotels or apartments in the area.  

Book online from https://www.sctfanz.org.au/courses