For Osteopaths

Osteopathic Seminar in the Snow Japan

Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 January 2018

Hakuba Iwatake Snow Fields, Japan

Fee: $450 plus GST for osteopaths and $250 plus GST for osteopathic students.


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Hakuba Dreaming 2018 is a nine hour osteopathic seminar that will be delivered over three successive afternoons. Our mission is to provide concise clinically relevant lecture material and we have carefully selected high quality speakers from around the world to maximize the learning experience. The current line-up includes:

Incorporating pain management in clinical practice: a low back pain case study
Louise Adam, Osteopath, Australia.
An Osteopathic approach to treating trauma
Eileen Glover, Osteopath, New Zealand.
Clinical applications for treating GERD
Keiichi Hagiwara, Osteopath, Japan.
Managing Desk Disease – addressing the ‘what’s’ and ‘whys’
Paul Hermann, Osteopath and Exercise Scientist, Australia.
Advanced concepts in OMT
Michael Kelly, Osteopath, Australia.

Lectures will be in held in the main dining area of the Hakuba Brew Pub, 75 metres from the bottom of the chairlifts of the Hakuba Iwatake Ski Fields.
Accommodation is not included in the registration fee. Participants can find a full range of accommodation options at or for help with all your travel and accommodation needs
For more information, please go to or contact Mick Kelly on 0402 295 763 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Equine and canine osteopathy

April 13th-22nd 2018

Gisborne, New Zealand


Stuart McGregor DO

Principal, Osteopathic Centre for Animals

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There will be 4 on-line modules consisting of musculo-skeletal anatomy of the fore limb, hind limb, neck and back including bio-mechanics, and basic pathologies. There will be suggested study followed by 4 written assignments which can be completed over 6 months.


Practical elements


  1. General practitioner safety considerations.
  2. Forelimb Joint mobilisation, coffin joint to carpus.
  3. Forelimb continued, carpus to shoulder.
  4. Hind limb joint mobilisation and articulation.
  5. Control and handling procedures, join-up etc.
  6. Common pathologies.
  7. Visual examination at walk and trot, lameness etc.
  8. Cervical mobilisation and articulation.
  9. Thoracic and lumbar mobilisation and articulation.
  10. Upper/Mid/lower cervical manipulation.
  11. Thoracic manipulation. Lumbar manipulation.
  12. Further manipulation.  Sacrum, Hip tug, gleno-humeral decompression, distal limb manipulation.          


  1. Full GOT for dogs.
  2. Fore-limb toes to wrist, wrist to shoulder.
  3. Hind-limb toes to hock, hock to hip.
  4. Cervical mobilisation and articulation.
  5. Thoracic mobilisation and articulation.
  6. Lumbar mobilisation and articulation.
  7. Costal mobilisation, visceral techniques.


Advanced CPD

The main course will be followed by two days CPD on advanced equine techniques.



Western Medical Acupuncture and Chronic Pain

Western Medical Acupuncture and Chronic Pain: A strategy for treating patients with chronic pain.


Date: 21 October 2017, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Grey Lynn Returned Services Club (upstairs), 1 Francis Street, Grey Lynne, Auckland

Cost: $250

CPD: 7 hours 

Presented by: Jose Kunzler and Phil Rowe


Any inquires and registration please contact Phil Rowe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Do you need some Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to maintain and develop your ongoing competence in Western Medical Acupuncture? Come and earn 7cpd points

Recent research in neuroscience and neuroplasticity now offer new strategies within WMA for the treatment of chronic pain and complex conditions. We use WMA and Osteopathic principles to access this new mechanism, come and learn how!

We offer new research, case studies, discussion on difficult presentations and practical new skills to use in the clinic on Monday.


Programme for the Day


  • Look at some research and theories around chronic pain conditions and neuroplasticity
  • Brief revision  of inflammation and immunity


  • Practical application of tools within osteopathy and western medical acupuncture that can be used for chronic pain
  • Participants outline a difficult patient presentation and through open discussion potential solutions are identified.


About the presenters:

Jose Kunzler: Osteopath/acupuncturist and French trained physiotherapist and well known teacher in structural osteopathy. Jose has lectured in New Zealand, Australia and regularly throughout Europe.

Phil Rowe: New Zealand trained Osteopath and AUT trained in Western Medical Acupuncture. Reader of research and seminar lecturer.



The Functional Face: Relating Structure to Physiological Function

Dates: Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 October 2017
Location: Queen Victoria Women's Centre, Melbourne, Australia

This two-day course applies osteopathic principles of palpation, diagnosis, and treatment in view of the concepts of Dr Sutherland’s Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM) and biodynamic embryological development.Also known as the viscerocranium, the face is explored and integrated with the cranium and body as a whole.

The course content includes:

  • Embryological development and anatomy of the face.
  • Palpation of the PRM expressed through the cranio-facial complex, whose function relates to the primary senses and human expression.
  • Review of common conditions that affect the face, amenable to osteopathic treatment; including TMJ, palate, nose & sinuses & visual considerations.
  • Practising a range of treatment techniques for clinical practice.
  • A 4 to 1, student to tutor ratio, for practical sessions.


  • Early Bird Registration $1,200.00 (paid on or prior to 8 September)
  • Standard Registration $1,400.00 (paid after 8 September)


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