Advanced Lower Body - Myofascial Release Course

Course Schedule 1st Half of Year:
Auckland -15th & 16th April
Nelson - 6th & 7th May
Dunedin - 27th & 28th May

The Advanced Lower Body course builds on The Fundamentals course, creating a comprehensive tool kit to work all muscles of the lower body.

We will open up the trunk, hips, legs & feet, releasing the diaphragm, hip flexors, deep hip rotators and QL, among other muscles. Focus will also be on separating muscles to create space and enhance glide-ability to regain full muscle functionality.

"Beth creates a fun learning environment, offering knowledge and practical skills that integrate so well into clinic and produce great results!” Brian Collins, DO in Nelson

Beth Beauchamp loves to share her passion of fascia and myofasical release. Beth is a Medical Massage Therapist, BodyTalk Practitioner and Health Coach. She has been working with fascia since 2000 and training since 2008. To register for a course go to: