The Fundamentals - Myofascial Release Course

Course Schedule 1st Half of Year
Auckland - 10th & 11th February
Wellington - 23rd & 24th February
Tauranga - 6th & 7th April
Auckland - 13th & 14th April
Nelson - 4th & 5th May
Christchurch - 18th & 19th May
Dunedin - 25th & 26th May
Hamner Springs - 11th & 12th June

Myofascial Release is a highly effective technique that creates powerful change in the body. Sink into the body superficially to deep, learning techniques that allow you to work with less effort but compliment Osteopathic
work seamlessly.

Explore working superficially to shift protection patterns, change memory in the tissue, enhance lymph movement and encourage blood and nerve flow. Delve deeper into the myofascia with quick and easy techniques to effect specific muscles, as well as separate muscle groups, to create space in the body, change structure, increase ROM, realign posture and enhance muscle functioning.

“I got much more than I expected! On top of it being a well structured course with a knowledgeable instructor, it also helped me take a step back clinically and start working more superficially.” Alasdair Littley, DO in Whangarei

Beth Beauchamp loves to share her passion of fascia and myofasical release therapy. Beth is a Medical Massage Therapist, BodyTalk Practitioner and Health Coach. She has been working with fascia since 2000 and training
since 2008. To register for a course go to: