Contractile Fields with Phillip Beach and Tania Huddart

Learn a new whole-body movement model — Contractile Fields — that will change the way you think, move, and teach.

It is remarkable that we have come so far in our biomedical understanding of the human body yet we have no coherent models that attempt to map whole-organism movement patterns. Phillip’s model of movement — the Contractile Field — attempts to bridge that conceptual gap in our understanding. The model suggests new approaches to biomechanical assessment and then sheds light on the world’s oldest medical map, the Chinese meridians.

Workshop details

Who's it for: All bodyworkers such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, Pilates and Feldenkrais instructors

Date and time: Friday 2 March to Sunday 4 March, 10am to 5pm

Register and pay by: 26 February 2018

Cost: $375

What's included: Tuition and fully illustrated workshop manual

Venue: Innermost Garden Hall, 31 Lawson Pl, Mount Victoria

What to bring: Comfortable clothing, pen, paper, lunch each day

Places: 25 participants

What you will learn

The study of pattern is crucial to the understanding of living systems.

To discover the patterns of human movement, we need to turn to that most mystical of studies — embryology. We must also look back in time to how vertebrates came to move in both the aquatic and terrestrial environment.

These disciplines inform the Contractile Field model. This is a whole-organism model that describes fields of interacting contractility.

In this workshop, you will:

  • develop an understanding of human movement in terms of primary patterns of movement
  • learn how to assess tune via 'archetypal postures', with the fields acting together in a 'tuned' manner
  • learn exercises and material to change how you think and work

You may also walk barefoot in the beautiful gardens of the venue and apply your new knowledge in a functional way!

Phillip will teach the Contractile Fields model. Tania will teach movements that involve the field and the embedded sensory organ. The movements involve flexing, extending, lateral flexing, twisting left and right, and squeezing. The limbs act as both brakes and amplifiers to these movements.

About the presenters — Phillip Beach and Tania Huddart

Phillip taught osteopathic technique and rehabilitation in London for 24 years. That long experience fuelled his interest in human movement. He has taught workshops in the UK, Europe, USA, and Australasia. His workshops are popular with all practitioners who work with the human body.

Tania is a very skilled, PMA-certified Pilates Instructor and Master Pilates Instructor. She has many years of experience teaching clients and student instructors, and presenting Pilates workshops both nationally and internationally. Tania is the managing director of, and lead instructor at, Hearts and Bones Pilates Centre in Dunedin.

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