Equine and canine osteopathy

April 13th-22nd 2018

Gisborne, New Zealand


Stuart McGregor DO

Principal, Osteopathic Centre for Animals

Information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



There will be 4 on-line modules consisting of musculo-skeletal anatomy of the fore limb, hind limb, neck and back including bio-mechanics, and basic pathologies. There will be suggested study followed by 4 written assignments which can be completed over 6 months.


Practical elements


  1. General practitioner safety considerations.
  2. Forelimb Joint mobilisation, coffin joint to carpus.
  3. Forelimb continued, carpus to shoulder.
  4. Hind limb joint mobilisation and articulation.
  5. Control and handling procedures, join-up etc.
  6. Common pathologies.
  7. Visual examination at walk and trot, lameness etc.
  8. Cervical mobilisation and articulation.
  9. Thoracic and lumbar mobilisation and articulation.
  10. Upper/Mid/lower cervical manipulation.
  11. Thoracic manipulation. Lumbar manipulation.
  12. Further manipulation.  Sacrum, Hip tug, gleno-humeral decompression, distal limb manipulation.          


  1. Full GOT for dogs.
  2. Fore-limb toes to wrist, wrist to shoulder.
  3. Hind-limb toes to hock, hock to hip.
  4. Cervical mobilisation and articulation.
  5. Thoracic mobilisation and articulation.
  6. Lumbar mobilisation and articulation.
  7. Costal mobilisation, visceral techniques.


Advanced CPD

The main course will be followed by two days CPD on advanced equine techniques.