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Pain is one of the most common reasons for people to see a health professional. It is a main feature of many health conditions, and the impact of pain on peoples lives is broad and invasive.

If you have ever wondered why pain is so complex, or how to help people manage their pain more effectively, the postgraduate papers in Pain and Pain Management will provide you with a good foundation for practice.

Postgraduate qualifications of interest to Osteopaths:
- The PG Certificate/Diploma/Masters in Health Sciences endorsed in Musculoskeletal Management
- The PG Certificate/Diploma/Masters in Health Sciences endorsed in Pain and Pain Management

Some of the topics covered include:
• MSME 704 Introduction to Pain
• MSME 708 Introduction to Pain Management
• MSME 705 Regional Disorders (Spine)
• MSME 706 Regional Disorders (Limbs)
• MSME 707 Musculoskeletal Management
• MSME 711 Pain Assessment
• MSME 710 Recreational and Sports Injuries
• MSME 702 Musculoskeletal Tissues
• MSME 703 Musculoskeletal Disorders
• PAIN 701 Neurobiology of Pain (MSME 704 is a pre-requisite)
• PAIN 702 Biomedical Management of Pain
• PAIN 703 Psychosocial and Cultural aspects of Pain

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Applications close 15 June 2016.

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