Osteopaths NZ Represented at National Allied Health Meeting

Osteopaths New Zealand Represented at National Gathering of Allied Health Professionals

& Supports Changes to Current Healthcare Paradigm

As a full voting member of Allied Healthcare Aotearoa New Zealand (AHANZ ) Osteopaths New Zealand were represented at the AHANZ Annual General Meeting in Wellington on 4th February 2015.

AHANZ provides a forum for allied health professional associations and regulatory bodies to communicate, build working relationships and improve interdisciplinary cooperation. (See for more information on the organisation).

Osteopaths New Zealand President Jonathan Lloyd-Paine and committee member, Naaznin Karim took the opportunity to attend to advocate on behalf of its members.

The AGM provided an opportunity to both establish and build constructive relationships with representatives of other professions and advocate osteopathy's role within the healthcare landscape.

Director of Healthworkforce New Zealand, Dr Graeme Benny was the keynote speaker. The need for an integrated healthcare system supported by interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration was the focus of his presentation.

This was met with very vocal support within the room. Dr Benny identified the opportunities and challenges on the pathway to change and emphasised that collaboration was essential to achieve the goal.

He highlighted that the current paradigm needed to evolve so that the present healthcare system will be able to address the changing demands of our society; its ageing population and limited resources.

In his capacity as Director of Healthworkforce NZ, Dr Benny's goal is to facilitate increasing cooperation and communication between the allied professions with a view to developing an effective road map for this integrated framework.

Osteopaths New Zealand has an opportunity to play a role in this transformation by being seen and heard in this type of allied healthcare forum. The organisation believes that osteopathy can become an integral part of positively shaping the future of healthcare in this country.

As a first and proactive step in this process, the Osteopaths New Zealand President has extended an invitation to Dr Benny to present to all members at the national conference to be held later this year in Wellington 7-9 August.