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G.O.T. (General Osteopathic Treatment)

Date: 19-20 August 2017

Venue: Unitec, Mt Albert, Auckland

Cost: $375

CPD: 14 hrs

Lecturer: Nicolas Mariette

A weekend of G.O.T.  Let’s revisit the main frame of osteopathy, the G.O.T (General Osteopathic Treatment). We’ll revise the mechanical concepts of Still & Littlejohn (line of force, axis, pivots …). We’ll go through all the different positions of the G.O.T prone, supine and side lying. 

Finally, we’ll demonstrate the adaptability of the G.O.T - teaching a visceral G.O.T and a cranial G.O.T

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12th National Allied Health Conference

26 - 29 August 2017

ICC Sydney, Australia


The conference will provide a forum for Allied Health professions to gather from every service setting: private sector, public health, non-government organisations and government agencies. Delegates will consider solutions to the challenges posed by major health reforms such as the NDIS, the management of chronic diseases, Aboriginal health and the interface between acute and primary care.

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Myofasical Release Therapy Courses

Dates: August - October 2017 (dates vary depending on location)

Venues: Various

Myofascial Release Therapy is a very effective technique that creates powerful change in the body. The Fundamentals course provides a solid foundation to understanding the anatomy and physiology of fascia, why fascia dysfunctions and how to identify and release fascial restrictions superficially and deep. 
The two advanced workshops, Advanced Upper Body and Advanced Lower Body, delve deeper into the muscular layers, separating them and enhancing their functionality. The advanced courses will further develop the skills of listening, sensing and following the body’s innate intelligence for healing the body holistically.
In each course we explore the mind body healing connection and how fascia holds the consciousness of the whole mind body experience.
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Supervision Skills for Health & Social Service Professionals

This two day skills based training enables senior staff to provide effective supervision for others in their own discipline area. Introduces supervision as a professional development process for health & social service professionals and provides training and processes for one to one clinical supervision. Completion will gain a Unitec Certificate - Level 5, 4 credits

  • Wellington - 4-5 September 2017

Cost $695 + GST - 50% DISCOUNT FOR ONZ MEMBERS (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get the discount code)

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Leaders as Coaches - Developing people & performance

Learn to think and act like a natural coach on this practical one day course. Great for anyone who has to get things done through others or wants to get the best out of the people they lead. Walk away with a 4 step tool for coaching conversations and a 5 step tool for those difficult conversations where you have to ask people to do things differently.

  • Auckland - 14 September 2017

Cost $495 + GST - 50% DISCOUNT FOR ONZ MEMBERS (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get the discount code)

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Lecturer: Nicolas Mariette (ESO)
Date:  7th - 8th October 2017
Venue: Rydges Hotel Rotorua
Cost: $450 (Fourth and fifth year osteopath student price = $250 Note: There are limited places for students)
CPD: 14hrs
Time: 9am-5pm
Nicolas Mariette and associates are putting on another osteopathic course, 'abdominal visceral'.  We'll start with some theory (motility vs mobility, core-link etc.) and then practical. Nic had the benefit of being taught by some of the great osteopaths who are considered the masters of the visceral world, John- Pierre Barral and Pierre Mercier. We will work on the stomach, duodenum, lesser omentum, liver, small intestine, ascending and descending colon, duodenal-jejunal junction, ilio-cecal valve, gallbladder, bladder and kidneys. By the end of the weekend you will have a good repertoire of techniques for all the digestive tract and some of the urinary system. 



Primary Care Symposium

15 November 2017

Te Papa, Wellington



This Symposium brings together PHOs, DHBs, NGOs and champions within Primary Health Care to share innovative prevention initiatives within primary care.

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University of Otago, Christchurch - Distance Learning Postgraduate Qualifications of Interest to Osteopaths

Pain is one of the most common reasons for people to see a health professional. It is a main feature of many health conditions, and the impact of pain on peoples lives is broad and invasive.

If you have ever wondered why pain is so complex, or how to help people manage their pain more effectively, the postgraduate papers in Pain and Pain Management will provide you with a good foundation for practice.

Postgraduate qualifications of interest to Osteopaths:

  • The PG Certificate/Diploma /Masters in Health Sciences endorsed in Musculoskeletal Management
  • The PG Certificate/Diplom a/Masters in Health Sciences endorsed in Pain and Pain Management



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